Buy a Used or New Car?

Sriwijaya Aktual – When you want to buy a car, you are always faced with two options. There are new cars and there are used cars, some are always buying new cars and some are always buying used cars. Well, which group are you in?

For fans of new cars, usually avoid used cars because it is considered troublesome, in the sense that after buying can not be directly used. Have to go to the workshop first to repair some components that may be damaged or worn out. In addition, there is also a reason to buy a new car because it wants to follow trends or technological developments and do not want to bother for the first 1-3 years of ownership.

The above reasons are not wrong, but buying a used car is not illegal to do. Why? Because the price of used cars is not as expensive as when the car is new, after all for used cars aged 1-5 years are generally still in relatively good condition. The older ones are still in very good condition, if the owner is painstaking in taking care of his car.

Also for those of you who like the comfort and image of a luxury car famous brand but can not buy it in a new condition, certainly not wrong if you look at it in used conditions because generally the price of these luxury cars are depressed quite large. Moreover, usually the owner of this type of car always takes good care of his car.

But in choosing a used car you must be careful and careful, if necessary invite friends who are experienced in this business when you want to see a used car targeted. Used cars will not be as perfect as new cars, but with care in choosing, you will be able to minimize the cost of repairs after purchase.

What are some things that are still considered reasonable to do / replace after buying a used car? Here it is:

  • Tune up engine/change engine oil.
  • Change all filters (oil, fuel and air filters).
  • Change the oil of the drive components (transmission and axle).
  • Replace brake shoes and brake canvas.
  • Change tires.
  • Replace leg components such as tierod, balljoint and shock absorber.
  • Replace the rubber wipers.
  • Change wheel bearings.

So that you do not fall into the problem of complicated post-purchase, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the following:

Maintenance records. This one’s like a medical record on people. If possible get this information in detail and in full. On some cars that are still being maintained in the official workshop, you can visit the workshop and ask them to print it.

The validity and authenticity of the car documents. This is very important, pay attention to the suitability of the data in the document with its actual condition. If you want more certainty, do a physical check of the car at the police department. Troubled documents will later get you entangled in problems as well.

Make sure the body of the car is still in good condition, in the sense that it is not a collision mark let alone a violent collision. As much as possible choose a car whose paint is still original, if ever repainted, dig information about the cause of the car is repainted. Slight scratches or abrasions can still be tolerated, considering the car has already been used. If you find rust, immediately see how bad the rust is, if it has spread like cancer should forget about the car. If possible, have someone pay attention to the car from behind while it is running, the car that has been hit violently usually can not walk straight anymore.

Pay attention to the condition of body components such as body trim, door rubber and lamps. Do not trivialize these components, for certain cars sometimes the price can be as expensive as engine components or even more expensive.

Interior condition. The condition in the car can describe to you about the daily life of the car. For example, a peeling steering wheel, a torn gear lever or a thin rubber pedal indicate that the car has traveled a long way. See also the condition of the upholstery and door trimnya, if it is too dirty let alone added a lot of tears or traces of cigarette embers will certainly force you to recondition it. Do not forget to check the basic carpet, if it smells bad, there is a possibility that the car has been flooded.

Engines, transmissions and components of the legs. To analyze this, it seems that a little basic engineering skills are needed. Make sure the engine can turn on easily, rotate normally without any foreign noises and does not emit unnatural smoke from the exhaust. After that you can try it out, paying attention to the transmission gearshift, whether all the speed options can be used normally. While walking, feel the steering wheel movement, whether it can spin smoothly and not pull in one direction. Also listen to the noises from under the vehicle to find out the condition of the foot components, feel the suspension slams, excessive swings on the suspension can describe the weak shock absorbers.

The results of your assessment of some of the above will be able to be used to bargain the price of the car.

It is highly recommended to invite experienced friends and understand the ins and outs of your target used car. Why? Since you always need a second opinion from someone else, it’s not impossible that there’s a hidden flaw that you don’t see but your friends can see.

Happy hunting used car dream. [red]


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