TNI Beware, Great Danger Has Arisen from the Pacific Ocean

Sriwijaya Aktual – An important warning to the Indonesian National Army (TNI) military of great danger that could threaten safety has emerged in eastern Indonesia.

The threat of danger comes from the Pacific Ocean. Be warned, that a tropical storm or Tropical Cyclone named TC94W has created in the north of papua.

This tropical storm warning has just been issued by the National Institute of Aviation and Space (LAPAN). In the official broadcast reported by VIVA Militer, Wednesday, April 14, 2021, based on the latest monitoring from the Joint Thypoon Warning Center, tropical storms have been created since a few days ago. And the more days are predicted to strengthen.

According to lapan’s Disaster Reaction and Analysis Team (TREAK), the strengthening of tc94W has an impact on the formation of a meso-scale convective cloud system that extends in halmahera waters.

“TC or commonly called a cyclone storm with a wide scale is characterized by convective activity that is increasingly widespread accompanied by strong winds and heavy rains that occur persistently around the storm area that is in the Waters of Maluku,” lapan wrote.

TNI Beware, Great Danger Has Arisen from the Pacific Ocean

Also to be aware for all TNI soldiers, in addition to occurring in the ocean based on sadewa-lapan predictions, a significant increase in rain also occurred on land.

Like the northern Maluku region, especially in Tolofu and its surroundings. The predicted increase in rain began in the early hours of the morning on April 13 and continues to continue in a persistent manner with the intensity of the rain likely to increase in the evening until April 15, 2021.

The prediction of increased rain and persistent duration of rain for three consecutive days is not only influenced by the strengthening of TC94W, but also supported by a very high supply of moisture from the Pacific Ocean and currently concentrated in the western pacific or eastern waters of Indonesia, and extends to the eastern waters of Australia.

TNI Beware, Great Danger Has Arisen from the Pacific Ocean

For the record, people along the west coast of North Maluku, especially those located close to watersheds and mountainous areas, need to be vigilant and increase preparedness for persistent increases in rain during 13 to 15 April 2021 because it can potentially cause catastrophic floods, flash floods, and landslides.

With this tropical storm activity, all TNI soldiers are expected to increase vigilance and alertness. Especially for those who are on duty in the oceans affected by the activity of tropical storm TC94W. Because this tropical storm activity has the potential to trigger disasters.

Previously Indonesia was also affected by the activity of Tropical Storm Seroja. As a result of this activity there were natural disasters of flash floods and landslides in East Nusa Tenggara that caused many fatalities. [viva]


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