Viral!! Car Decorated with Gold Bars And Diamonds Worth 40 M, Here’s the Explanation

SUBANG-JABAR, Sriwijaya Aktual – A T 999 WA-patterned car suddenly went viral and became the talk of the internet, not only because there is the writing of King of the King associated with the Sunda Empire, but because of the appearance of his car with gold and diamonds.

DetikOto tried to trace the existence of the car whose video went viral on social media, the owner of the car named Sugandhi Natanegara, Karokrok Village, Jatiragas Village, Patokbeusi District, Subang. He is the owner of Panti Putra Galunggung which has psychiatric rehabilitation activities and drug addicts.

When found, the car type city cars that went viral was parked right in front of his house, the condition is in accordance with the viral video seen detikOto. According to Encep Hasan Basri the trustee of the owner of the car said, the car is in the gold paste jewelry because it channels hobbies.

“I explained that this is a personal hobby of not transporting anything let alone breaking the rules, this hobby is the same as the king in Saudi Arabia collecting his gold car, so as it is possible, this is an absolute hobby,” said Encep representing the owner who declined to comment.

Viral!!  Car Decorated with Gold Bars And Diamonds Worth 40 M, Here's the Explanation
Viral car tucked into gold and diamonds Photograph: Dian Firmansyah/detikOto

Seen detikOto, the outside looks jewelry ranging from diamonds, agates, gold money, coins to gold attached around the car. The owner of the car claimed not to know the exact amount of diamonds, agates or gold that were pasted.

DetikOto sees diamond testing using the diamond selector directly, the red color lights up when injected on the outside of the diamond. Not only one, as many as five diamonds in the test with the tool and a red indicator lit on all diamonds in the test.

“It’s been tested, everything that’s been pasted here is diamonds, gold and everything else is genuine, for weight and quantity I don’t know for sure,” he said.

In addition to the outside, the inside of the car was filled with gold bars. On the dashboard gold bars lined up, even on the carpet that was stepped on the gold bars. Thousands of coins piled up in the upholstery.

“Gold there is a 24 carat 23 carat, if estimated everything reaches more than 40 Billion,” he said.

In addition to the car, some of his cars are also designed with the same thing, gold bars and diamonds attached to his car.

“We hope that the people of Indonesia, especially Subang regency do not think that kinds of, this is not the intention to be arrogant but purely a hobby,” pinta Encep.

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